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  • We are pleased that you have chosen to further your education with us and congratulate you on taking this important step towards advancing your career.

    To access your online classes, please enter your user id and password in the appropriate spaces on the left side of this screen.  Passwords are case sensitive so be sure to enter the information exactly as given to you.

  • Important Notice

    A new version of Java (Java version 7 update (65) was released July 17, 2014.  Since Java is required to run the courses, Java will need to be updated on all computer systems before launching the courses.  If Java is not first updated, you may not be able to play the media lessons in the course and/or you will receive a prompt that your Java version is out of date.

    To update Java:

    1. Go to www.java.com
    2. Click Free Java Download
    3. Click Agree and Start Free Download
    4. If prompted to run or save Java, choose Run.
    5. If prompted to allow the program to make changes to your computer, click Yes.
    6. When the Welcome to Java window displays, click Install.
    7. If prompted to install the free browser add-on from Ask, we recommend unchecking the two checkboxes (do not install) and click Next.  After a few moments, Java will begin the installation and will display a progress status bar.  Once Java is installed, click Close.
    8. If you are prompted to Restore Java security prompts, uncheck the box and click Next.
    9. If you are prompted with the message that Java is ready for use, click Enable.
    10. Once Java has been installed, you will be prompted to restart your browser.  Click Close and allow your browser to restart.
    11. When your browser re-opens, if prompted to allow the program to make changes to your computer, click Ok.
    12. You will return to the Java site where you can now verify that Java was properly installed.  Click Verify Java Version.
    13. A prompt asking if you want to run this application will display.  Click Run.
    14. If Java was updated/installed successfully, you should receive a message indicating that you have the recommended version of Java installed (Java version 7 update 55).

  • Please click the Technical Requirements Document link below to review the technical specifications required to participate in the online classes. If you are unsure that your computer meets these specifications, click the System Test link below. The System Test will run a test on your system and will report any possible problems that may cause the class resources not to run properly. This will assist in directing you on what needs to be changed to successfully access the class resources. If you still experience problems, you may contact us for assistance.

    IMPORTANT: Your courses will require the latest version of java to run the course.  Please click on the following link to verify your version of Java and install the latest version if necessary.


    If you are using Internet Explorer as your Browser (The blue e shortcut), please review the Internet Explorer 10 Compatibility Document, before attempting to launch the courseware.